Health & Safety Guidelines

The Following Health Guidelines Will Be Implemented To Minimize Covid-19 Transmission Risk to All Festival Participants:

  • MANDATORY COVID -19 VACCINATION or Proof of COVID-19 negative test within 48 hours: All guests, talent, staff, volunteers and working personnel at all event venues will be required to be vaccinated. Ticket holders may produce proof of a negative Covid-19 test no more than 48 hours prior to the event. Anyone presenting symptoms on arrival will be denied entry.
  • CAPACITIES:  All capacities will be venue driven and will comply with host hotel, restaurant or venue capacities following local guidelines.
  • ARRIVAL: Registration and check-in at all event venues will be as contactless as possible. Digital ticket scanning will be utilized at all events.
  • VENUE SANITIZING: Venue sanitizing will be conducted in accordance with local guidelines and will utilize approved cleaning products recommended by the CDC.

These regulations, policies, and protocols will be updated and revised in accordance with on-going public health information and official guidance from the CDC, State of California Department of Health, Riverside County,  and the City of Palm Springs,.

TERMS & CONDITIONS – All ticket purchasers shall be required to opt into acknowledging adherence to Festival COVID-19 Guidelines before ticket purchase is complete. Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer language will be included on all credentials, tickets and on signage displayed at all events.