Stuart O'Keeffe

Celebrity chef, television personality and author

Handsome Irish import Stuart O’Keeffe is a celebrity chef, television personality, and author. After receiving his degree in culinary arts from the Dublin Institute of Technology, Chef Stuart trained in Bordeaux and the Napa Valley before moving to Los Angeles where he works with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Chef Stuart recently starred in the NBC prime time series Food Fighters, in addition to featured roles on Food Network’s Private Chefs of Beverly Hills, OWN’s Home Made Simple, and the AOL series Kitchen Daily 101.

In March 2016 Chef Stuart’s debut cookbook, The Quick Six Fix, was released to rave reviews and record setting pre-sales. The book topped Amazon’s celebrity cookbooks bestseller list for several consecutive weeks, even before it’s official release, as well as the top 15 best selling cookbooks for the year.

With a philosophy of cooking “hearty but healthy,” Chef Stuart’s status in the cooking world continues to rise and with over 74k followers on social media, so does his star power. Chef Stuart has been recognized internationally since the 2011 debut of his own cooking show, Stuart’s Kitchen, and as a weekly food contributor for Dublin’s Evening Herald newspaper. Chef Stuart has an iPad and iPhone app of Stuart’s Kitchen, and is one of the first celebrity chef contributors to Apple’s recent iPad App of the Week, Appetites. He was the North American chef for Tupperware brands, and is currently a global spokesman for Asiana Airlines “Fly with Color” campaign.

Stuart lives in Los Angeles with his two Westies, Jack and Bo.